I’m not meant to just stay quiet547851_10151000858008033_1070233578_n

I’m meant to be a lion.

-Francesca Battistelli’s “He Knows My Name”

I have never been a loud person (unless you ask my sister when Nici is sleeping). So, I’ve never really related to a lion mentality.  Yet, this really resonated with me.  However, I don’t believe this means I need to be loud in a volume type of way. I believe it means to live your life loudly.  God didn’t call any of us to live our lives quietly for Him, obey his commands, and follow Him in a private, quiet way.  We are called to live LOUDLY!  Let others see what God is doing for us, in us, and through us.  Let them see us and wonder what is going on with her?  What makes her stand out?  That is being a lion and not staying quiet to me. It is about action and intention.  When a lion roars, I imagine everyone around, the entire African plain, perks up and listens to his declaration of might.  As a woman of faith, my job is to make my life roar that people will perk up and listen to God’s declaration of simultaneous might and mercy. -S


One thought on “ROAR

  1. This entry had Steven Curtis Chapmans – Live Out Loud playing in my ears. I could almost hear you, Jessi, Katy & Michelle singing the lyrics……


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