Love the One You’re With

Love the one you’re with –

Seems simple, and loaded

And there are 100 sides to every story, but (and forgive me if you disagree),

If you’re not going to walk away, then love the one you’re with.

The beauty of this statement is that it applies to virtually every single situation.

All day, every day, we have the choice to walk away or stay:

-long lines at the grocery store

-rude clerks

-slow lane

-frustrating phone call

-disgruntled friend

-unhealthy work environment

-unhappy relationship

love the one your with Cindy SteilerThe beauty of being human is free will. We can always choose to walk away, simply get out of line, find a new job, hang up and talk again later, find happiness elsewhere.

However, the flipside of that is it means it is also our choice to stay. If we don’t leave, we are actively choosing to be in the situation.

Every moment, every decision, every joy, and every pain, we (as adults) are responsible for.

Blaming others is easy; it is also a lie.

So if you choose to stay, love the one you’re with.

Yes, the actual feeling of love may come and go.

The love action, the command to love, is always there. It is always a choice.

Someone once told me marriage isn’t a single commitment to your spouse for life.

It’s a reoccurring commitment, every single day. A choice to love them anyways.

It’s not a prison, neither is the grocery store. You’re not stuck.

So if you choose to stay in a marriage or the slow line, choose to love as well.

There are 100 big and 100 small ways to show it. And if you cant muster up enough kindness to extend to someone else beside yourself, and you refuse to walk away…maybe try and muster up some kindness towards yourself.

“Not making a decision is actually a decision. It’s the decision to stay the same” -The Best Yes, Lysa Terkeurst



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