I am a Faith Based Woman

I am a strong and independent Christian woman, intelligent and rational.

I am thoughtful and thought out.

I aim to learn more and understand deeper.

I am a faith based woman.

Too often people make a judgement about those who live their lives driven by faith.  They are ignorant.  They are irrational.  They don’t know any better.  They’ve been brain washed by the church, family, culture, (fill in the appropriate word).  This seems particularly true for women of faith.  As if being a logical, intelligent, forward thinking woman is opposed to one of faith.

This goes for all women of EVERY faith.  Women can live a life of faith, a life of choices that follows our faith AND be strong, intelligent, and independent.  From those of us who choose purity to those of us who choose to alter our clothing to those of us who choose to restrict our diet (all of which are true for women across all of the major three monotheistic religions and many beyond those).  Whether we are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc., we are powerful to live a life of intention. To suggest otherwise is to diminish my autonomy, my intelligence, my power  – and every other woman of faith.

So remember…

I am an independent, powerful, and intelligent woman who chooses God and the life He plans for me.



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