Miracle of Nature

I’m really lucky/blessed.  I’ve never really had to struggle with doubt; faith is almost as natural as breathing for me.  It’s a blessing, but it’s also because I see God’s majesty, might, and touch all around me all the time.  Nothing makes sense without God to me.

I see You in the stars above

I feel You in the earth below

In waves that swell, in winds that blow

Laura Story’s “O Love of God”


I look around and I can’t understand how anyone could think there couldn’t be a god.  How all of this could just be a matter of chance, adaptation, and survival of the fittest.  I don’t think science and faith are mutually exclusive.  (See this recent article for an example.) Everything I have ever learned from science supports what I know and believe about God.

When you look at delicate ecosystems, biodiversity, and the breadth of our lack of knowledge on everything to do with nature and space, and still consider how it all works.  It all has worked for all of time.  How can there not be intelligent design?  The miracle of nature is a constant reminder.

The world just doesn’t makes sense to me without a Creator.



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