Act in Love: Pt. 2

Pigging backing off of my last post…some more musings on love. (Valentines’ Day is one of my most favorite holidays after all)

A key part of acting in love (for me) goes back to 1 Corinthians 13:4

… love keeps no records of wrongs…

I have a great memory, and, honestly, somewhat enjoy hashing out peoples’ wrong behavior with those I’m closest too (yes, that’s otherwise known as gossiping…and keeping my fire of hurt and anger going)

And for what?!

acting in love 2I’ve hurt people, I’ve let people down- I pray they don’t talk about me and never let it go- even if my mistakes are repetitive.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer says it beautifully:

Often we combat our evil thoughts most effectively if we absolutely refuse to allow them to be expressed in words ~

This is critical to living a life of love. It is also one of my personal goals for 2015, to let the bad things go. To let the hurt and disappoint, and expected let downs go. To not discuss it repeatedly with my sister or mull over how frustrated I am.

To give forgiveness freely, and to step it up and then act out in love towards that person. Not because I feel like it, but because afterwards I will feel better and they will feel God’s love in my life and now theirs…and isn’t that the ultimate goal?

And I’m just a fool if I have such solid advice and do not take it, if I choose to hang onto the bitterness. Sometimes I good memory is a curse, choose to let it go. And not repeat it outloud. Not even once (yes I am reminding myself.)

– J


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