Dreams of Motherhood

Being a mom is both the best and the hardest thing I’ve ever had the privilege of doing (right up there next to being a wife).

It requires putting yourself last 99% of the time. That 1% leftover is for minimal sleep and some soul restoration…use it wisely.

But here is some friendly advice (aka my opinion): do not have children if you’re unwilling or incapable of that kind of sacrifice without resentment. It doesn’t make you a lesser woman or human, it just means you have a different calling than me.

I know too many lovely women with grand dreams and kind hearts who (to put it bluntly) are selfish mothers.

By no means am I saying moms can’t have dreams, they can and they should. I certainly do! However, if you choose to reproduce, those dreams should come after your children. Period.

Maybe that means waiting 18 years to pursue them; maybe that means waiting 5 years until kindergarden; maybe that means using nap time to hone your skills or do extra reading or research…it is different for everyone.

Remember not long ago when those babes were your dreams?

unnamedBeing a mom is hard. Very, very hard. Kids don’t say thank you and the sacrificing is unending.

It is so worth it though, if, and only if, you’re willing to give your life away to the big and smalls of motherhood (with only m&m kisses and sticky fingered hugs as your reward).

And if you’re not that’s fine, that’s more than fine. Go pursue different big dreams. Just don’t have kids.



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