He Wept…But Didn’t Stop There

What matters to God should matter to us…So, what matters to God?  People matter to God.  So, that is what should matter to us.  Luke 19:40-41 describes how Jesus wept about the people of Jerusalem.  Jesus wept for people.  He wept for the lost, but he also wept for the beaten and forgotten.  I believes He still weeps for the lost, ignored, marginalized, beaten; those that the world steps over or on.

Often these things aren’t a result of ill will.  It’s just easier to ignore or easier to be marginally aware of the suffering that is happening around us and around the globe at an astonishing scale.  If you reach the point of truly knowing the suffering that is happening – beyond simply knowing you’re blessed in comparison – but that it is unacceptable and something must be done, where does that leave you?  Where do you start?  What do you do?  You certainly cannot just continue to ignore it.  You can’t stop at simply crying.  What if Jesus had stopped simply at weeping for us?



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