Swimming in Faith

Faith comes naturally and easily to me . It’s a spiritual gift to have natural and unwavering faith; one I thank God for (almost) daily.

Doubt comes naturally to my husband. Is doubt a gift? What if I called it curiosity…isn’t that what doubt is? Curious of the how’s and why’s; a demand of an explanation before belief.

What do you do when your husband doesn’t believe in the one thing you are centering your life and family around?

I’m no guru. I often just make up answers with confidence (thanks dad).

So I confidently say, when your husband doesn’t have faith, just pretend he does!

Yup, you read that correctly.

I live my life like he does. I pray, and talk about God, give thanks for our blessings, discuss hard religious stuff, and easy spiritual things. I try and listen to his side (I’ll admit I need to get better at this). I figure, if I immerse our lives so deep in the Jesus water, it won’t make sense to do anything but swim with me!

I live love and I explain why. (He’s a why guy remember)

I pray one day he will believe; I pray that every day. Until that happens, I’ll believe for us both though. I’ll initiate church; I’ll pray out loud before bed and meals; I’ll get us good and uncomfortable and give away lots…because ‘that’s what Jesus would do.’

I married a wonderful guy who is extremely supportive of all I do, including my beliefs. It kills me that he doubts, that he questions.

Its so hard for me to even fathom not believing. He asks for proof and it’s all I can see!

God knows what He is doing.

So I trust He knew what He was doing when we said I do….in all fairness that was a time period I was more focused on my will than His. However, I firmly believe He wants my marriage to work even more than I do!

My husband certainly knew he was marrying a believer. So, until we both are swimming in faith and he’s ready to take over, I’ll lead the way (I’m bossy like that anyways) as a godly wife and family.


I’m not naïve and never really forget he doubts, but pretending he does is the best idea I can come up with to live a godly life as a family.

– J


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