Wind or Wind Chimes?

I’m cranky this morning- the wind is howling, bitter and angry outside. I relate.

Then again- the wind chimes are singing to the sway.

I have a choice – is it going to be a wind or wind chimes kind of day?

Its only 7 am, it could go either way.

I’m choosing the music over the wind howls.

It was a long (sleepless) night. I’m irritable. I’m still choosing the music. (Somebody write this down somewhere!)

10926256_10106041695006594_2224648742358610427_oTo solidify my choice, I’m letting Nici celebrate the morning with a bowl of blueberries, strawberries, and M&M’s.

Because nothing makes me happy like his happiness…and M&M kisses.

This is a big day folks…I realized I could control my mood before bedtime AND I took the actions required to actually enforce the internal change!

Is that progress I’m making?

It’s a wind or wind chimes kind of day….its your choice!



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