I’m No Monet

What if we lived like every move, every breath, every action we took left an actual physical mark on the world.

What would my life canvas look like?

What if each mark was given a color based on the emotion felt at the time the action was took?

What would my primary colors be?

It’d be pretty awesome to look at one huge colorful abstract canvas of our life. (I know mine would be colorful because I experience a full spectrum of emotions….sometimes all in one hour).

I do view my life as art, that’s the creative soul in me.

I don’t often think of it as manifesting in an actual physical work of art.

Sometimes I’m hard on myself for not being as peaceful and tranquil and love giving as I would like to be.

My life is no Monet of soft colors and blurring lines.

Beautiful, soft, subtle…

Poppy Field by Claude Monet
Poppy Field by Claude Monet

Ya, so not me! Maybe that’s why I love impressionism so much; its something I secretly wish I was more like (a psychologist could have a field day with this!)

My art friends may disagree with the following statement but,

Beautiful art doesn’t change the world. Bold art does.

And yes, it can be both (heck impressionism was extremely bold for the time period….unfortunately it still wouldn’t resemble my life portrait)

Then again neither would a Picasso or a Kandinsky, not enough love, too much color blocking

Blue Painting by Wassily Kandinsky
Blue Painting by Wassily Kandinsky
Guernica by Pablo Picasso
Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Honestly I don’t know what I’m trying to say, except this…

Life is art. I am leaving a canvas behind, we all are.

Make it interesting!

Fill it up completely and be unashamed.

Emotions are our colors, live with a full spectrum.

And here’s a secret…people will disapprove. All great artists have great critics.

Just make sure you’re using a solid foundation so that it will last a lifetime and beyond.

As for me, my foundation is in God.

– J


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