We’re All Babies

Chris is once again in the oilfield, so it came as no surprise that Nici had a rough night (starting at 5:30 when he pooped in the bathtub…again)

It was a first however, when from midnight until 4am, every 45 minutes he’d start crying and looking around saying “dadda dadda dadda.”

As a girl who used to cry every time my dad went on a business trip, it broke my heart. No matter how many times I held him, kissed him, whispered reassuring words that daddy will be back soon, and watched Frozen…I couldn’t stop him from hurting.

He’s 15 months old, so I cant explain that daddy wishes he was here too and is only a phone call away. He also doesn’t understand that God is our heavenly Father and is always with us, even when we long for the fleshy presence of others.

All I could do was be there for him. Listen to him. Love him. Hold him. And watch Frozen again.

It got me thinking – this is an isolated occurrence. We are all spiritual babies who need taking care of (cue Fat Baby by Amy Grant circa 1982).

We all have hard messy moments (or extended time periods) when we are crying inside to be held in love and protection.

Moments when we need to be reminded that God is right here with us, and we can talk to Him and be wrapped in His embrace instantly.

Moments when we also need a fleshy physical embrace and someone to watch our favorite movie with us (again) and give us milk and popcorn at 2am (again).

What if we did this for each other? What if we extended more grace (because we need it ourselves)?

What if we filled the cracks and held each other’s hand and just said I am here and it is ok, Daddy loves you and so do I.

What if we extended love every single day towards one another?

Even the sleepy days.

Even the too busy days.

– J


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