Just a Baby

Recently, I got the opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite activities: babysitting my nephew.  He was so well behaved.  I couldn’t have asked for him to act any better, which is saying something for a 16 month old.  As I was rocking him to sleep at the end of the night, I could help but to connect how my relationship with God can parallel his relationship with his caregivers (which I count myself as one).  I’m just going to draw out two of these parallels.


Whenever I babysit, we always make forts.  He loves them and I love what he loves.  We made a pretty cool fort.   (Okay, it wasn’t that impressive, but to a 1 year old it was cool.)  We were playing for a couple minutes and then I asked him if he wanted his silky, which we got.  We played and then he went and got a book and brought it in.  We played and then he wanted his lion in there.  We played and then we got a snack and brought it in there.  How often do we do this to God?  He gives us something really cool.  We enjoy it briefly and then ask for something else.  Then we ask for something else.  Well, this thing would make it even better.  Sometimes, it seems like I have a hard time just stopping and enjoying what He has already given me.  In a fast paced, always moving forward world, we need to make sure we take time to stop and enjoy what has already been given/created for us.

At the end of the night, I was rocking him in the dark, smelling his clean head as we listened to his lullabies.  He was sitting facing me with his head on my shoulder.  As we rocked he just gently rubbed my arm with his fingers, which was equally soothing to both of us.  As he did this, I could almost hear the words that those fingers represented on my skin.  Love you TiTi.  Thank you TiTi.  Love you TiTi.  Thank you TiTi.  It melts me every time.  Again, I’m learning something from him.  When do I stop, sit silently with my Father to gently tell him I love you and thank you with no other purpose or agenda then to soak in HIs love and respond with my own.

So, at some point today, maybe you could join me wherever you are in stopping and just basking in His love and care for us.  Then, respond in thanks and love.

– S


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