Force Peaceful Moments

It’s raining outside. The tin in our fireplace is echoing. A candle is lit and the wick sends shadow dances across the dark room. My boys are sleeping and I’m drinking hazelnut coffee (my new favorite).

And its 4 am, and I’ve been up since 1:30am with a wide awake 1 year old.

And I’m overcome with peace.

Not because my circumstances lined up perfectly, or even semi-according to my plan, but because I force peaceful moments into my routine.

I know ‘force peaceful moments’ sounds contradictory, but in my crazy life, sometimes a little force is necessary!

I get out of bed in the morning anywhere from 3-5am. Every. Single. Day. (and no I’m not the freaky person who requires little sleep). I’ve just discovered that 3-5am is the only time I cab guarantee a quiet house, and making time to sit quietly with my God at the start of my day is more soul replenishing than an extra hour of fitful sleep.

Yes, I’ve had to make some changes to be able to do this…rather simple ones… go to bed earlier and make sure coffee is on auto start ~ It’s so worth it.

Sometimes we don’t talk much (God and I). Sometimes we do. Sometimes I just sit quietly and watch the candle dance with Him. Sometimes I start daydreaming and have to refocus my attention on God, and then sometimes He gives the perfect little nudges. And other times, they’re more difficult nudges.

That’s the thing about good friends. They are there with you all the time, and will sit quietly and help you process ideas and sift out the good ones from the bad and give you motivation when it all feels too hard and too exhausting.

Mornings are my favorite: the coffee, the candles, the easy communion with my God…

But also the Honeynut Chex, and apple juice spilled, 100th (same) episode of Octonauts, and sleepy slobbery Nici kisses.

Making time for God…it’s the most important thing I can do as a wife and mother.

I can’t give 110% of myself away (especially at 6 am) without first filling my tank.

My husband and I read The 5 Love Languages (which I highly recommend). Afterwards he kindly informed that I am all 5 love languages and have 5 separate tanks, that require 5 different types of fuel….he’s probably right.

Which is why it is so important that I take part in filling the tanks and don’t rely on him (or anyone else) to make me whole.

The only one who has ever filled me up, who sustains me day after day, who overflows my soul is Jesus.

But I have to slow down enough to let Him!

I have to force peaceful moments into my crazy schedule and meet Him face to face.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. – Matthew 1:35

 But he would go away to places where he could be alone for prayer.  – Luke 5:16d

– J


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