Two Pink Lines

“This is my prayer in the desert

When all that’s within me feels dry

This is my prayer in my hunger and need

My God is the God who provides”

– Hillsong United’s “Desert Song”

I’m impatient- its not something I’m proud of or like about myself. It’s just a fact about me, one I’m working on improving.

My husband travels for work, you’d think that alone would force patience upon me…I’m trying folks!

So when eight months later we still weren’t pregnant I was getting exhausted and discouraged! I had big plans and had figured out the perfect timing between our kids so that they would be best friends and fight, but come out closer. I had a plan, and yes it had wiggle room, but that wiggle room was quickly decreasing and I didn’t know what God was up to.

People would say:

“Gods timing perfect”

“Just relax”

“When it’s meant to be it will happen”

“You already have one beautiful baby”

And my favorite….

“God knows you can’t handle two kids right now”… umm, thanks!?

All these were (mostly) kind words, but honestly I wanted to punch people in the face. Every month feels like an eternity and every period like a stab in the uterus.

Here’s the thing though, I really do believe God has a plan and His timing is better than mine. It’s just the not knowing that eats at me!

But now I know!

June, 2015 we get to welcome baby Vacca #2!

Our house is a buzz this morning with joy so electric!

Two pink lines, plus one awesome God equals so many hearts full of love overflowing.

Our baby #2 may only be the size of a poppy seed, but is already taking up so much space in our family and in our hearts!


“This is my prayer in the harvest

When favor and providence flow

I know I’m filled to be emptied again

The seed I’ve received I will sow”

– J


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