Overwhelmed, Delighted, and Captivated

The song “Overwhelmed” (by Big Daddy Weave) keeps catching me on way to and from work this week.  I’ve probably heard it before, but I really noticed it this week.  I have this experience with songs sometimes.  It can be a song you’ve heard a thousand times, but it hits you at the right moment or you hear the lyrics in a specific context and it all changes.  That is how this song has been.  Here is the chorus:

I delight myself in You

Captivated by Your beauty

I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed by You

I love the intentionality of the first line.  It is not I am delighted by you, but “I delight myself in You.”  To me, this suggests a pursuit of God.  How am I going to to delight myself in God?  I love when I heard it before work yesterday, because it was a gentle reminder of what my focus should be every day.  I need to chase God.  When I reflect on how I’m going to delight myself in Him, I can’t help but think back to a couple times when I’ve been totally and completely delighted, and overwhelmed, in him.

One is from a night when I was in high school and my family had just gotten home from some sporting event (probably).  We all went to the backyard and climbed on the trampoline and laid there to look at the stars.  We lived in northern Michigan and the sky was beautiful.  The magnificence and magnitude of it seemed overwhelming.  God’s work is overwhelming.

Also, I went to college at Michigan State University – one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve seen (even if I am a little partial).  I loved my walk to my 8 o’clock classes on crisp mornings in the Spring (not so much during the negative zero, walk through a blizzard mornings).  I was consistently overwhelmed by the new life, by the beauty all around me.

So much of when I am overwhelmed connects with the first couple lines of the song:

I see the work of Your Hands

Galaxies spin in a Heavenly dance oh God

All that You are is so overwhelming

When I am most delighted in Him and find His majesty so overwhelming is often when I stop in awe of His work in creation.  His majesty is amazing!  His precision and care astound me.  There is exactly enough water in our bodies to keep us alive.  The earth is exactly the right distance from the sun so that we neither burn nor freeze to death.  Ecosystems have the exact combination of vegetation and animal life to sustain all of their existences.  Every snowflake is completely unique.  The list of His perfection and majesty is limitless. (This list is also part of why I can’t help, but believe in His existence; I just can’t buy that all this happened by accident…but that is a different post for a different day.)

YET, He took more care and deliberation in making me than any of these things.  I don’t think I can fully comprehend this.  He knows me beyond even what I know about myself.  He not only knows my name and the number of hairs on my head (Luke 12:7), but He has a purpose for me (Jeremiah 28:11).  He designed me specifically: a compassionate worrier, an intelligent overthinker, a pushover warrior, equal parts silly and serious.

He sees me, understands me, and accepts me.  It’s more than that though.  He designed me this way intentionally!  He could have created me any way He wanted.  This is how He wanted me.

Next time, I’m feeling insecure I want to remember His overwhelming majesty and remember I’m His purposeful combination of imperfections.  I want to delight myself in Him and be captured by His beauty -so that I see the beauty He sees in me just as I see it in the world around me.

– S


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