Let’s Celebrate Stubbornness!

My parents were lucky enough to have 3 stubborn children.  We each exhibit this in different ways, but there is no doubt we are stubborn.  In fact, as the story goes, my parents were sure when they were expecting their 2nd child, it would be a boy because, surely, they couldn’t have another girl more stubborn than me.  They were wrong on both accounts.

Stubbornness is often viewed and used in a negative way.  HOwever, I came across this verse in Ezekiel that puts it in a very specific and positive perspective.

But look I have made you as obstinate and hard hearted as they are.  I have made your forehead as hard as the hardest rock! So, don’t be afraid of them or fear their angry looks, even though they are rebels. – Ezekiel 3:8-9

God made Ezekiel stubborn for a reason.  He knew he would have a difficult job and it would require stubbornness to stand up against the scorn, ridicule, threats, and imprisonment he would face.

This made me reflect on my stubbornness.  I have also been given the gift of faith.  It comes freely and easily for me.  Even in the most unimaginable circumstances, I never doubt there is a God, that He knows me by name, and that I am saved through Jesus’ death.  Maybe these are connected: my faith and my stubbornness.  I can be immovable in my own, quiet way and I am definitely that way in the core of my faith.  My understanding grows and develops, but my rock stays the same – as hard as my forehead.

So, if you are raising or working with a stubborn child/teen, may God give you all the grace you need – (including my sister who is raising one that will give anyone a run for their money).  BUT celebrate them!  Celebrate their strength and wonder at how God will use them to change the world around them because of their stubbornness.

– S


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