Dream Big

They said to one another, “Here comes that dreamer! Come on, let’s kill him and throw him into one of the pits. We can say that a vicious animal ate him. Then we’ll see what becomes of his dreams!” – Genesis 37:19-20

A lot of the Old Testament I have a hard time swallowing. God seems uncharacteristically cruel, everything is covered in bloodshed, and there are so many historical facts I just start to tune out…

Sadly, I think this verse translates way too literally into the 21st century.

“Let’s kill the dreamer.”

It seems like today people are applauded for doing things ‘right’. The problem with this is that it intrinsically implies there is a right and a wrong way to do things.

There are right ways to be different, and that is applauded too.

I’ll admit sometimes there is a right and a wrong way. However, all too often, because of this so called ‘right track’ to a successful life, creativity is dwindling.

Ultimately, we are too busy preparing ourselves (and future generations) for a successful life, profession, family, etc. that we are forced to tap out of our free creative spirit and into our realistic/logical mindset.

Joseph was not a logical thinker! He was a dreamer. I’d venture to say all day and night he was in his head, because if he was a logical thinker he wouldn’t have told 12 brothers that hated him that they would one day bow down to him.

If he was logical, he would have brought some form of protection to Shechem (where they were plotting to kill him).

Joseph wasn’t logical though, he was a dreamer of crazy dreams…who took pride in sharing his dreams with the world, regardless of the consequences.

God uses a lot of dreamers, a lot of different thinkers. He doesn’t stifle them into conformity; tell them there is only one path to success and happiness. God uses these dreamer qualities to change the world.

God used Joseph to change the world and save an entire nation from starvation; all because he dared to share his dreams and piss off his brothers.

It wasn’t an easy path. It was filled with isolation, slavery, and imprisonment; he was cut off from his family. Yet, with every new roadblock Joseph held true to his dreams, and to his faith.

And God used his dreaming.

I know a lot of people who no longer tap into their dreams. Who are too focused on ‘success’ to take a God given risk.

I encourage you to dream big friends. God not only protects the dreamers, he uses them to change the world.

– J


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