Hello World!

I used to think hearing God’s voice was impossible. That those who claimed “God told them what to do,” were either full of crap or had a weird super-faith that was unattainable.

To be fair, I’ve never audibly heard Him or met anyone else who has audibly heard Him. God doesn’t talk in clear booming voices like the movies, instead it is that still, small voice.  However, every single day He speaks to me. It’s a subtle nudge, a delicate dance with intuition, but its undeniable.  Often we feel like we feel him through gentle nudges.  Pushing us in a specific direction, or guiding our thoughts a certain way. Sometimes this feels like a gentle nudge to jump off a cliff, but sometimes it is easy.  These nudges seem to happen in big and small ways every day.  I am still learning to quiet myself long enough to discern it.

God speaks in nudges; sometimes big, often little. Sometimes it’s an annoyingly persistent idea that makes no sense. Sometimes it can be hard to recognize them, but sometimes they’re crystal clear.  The most difficult part is the action resulting from these nudges.

This is a simple blog, by Shauna (my sister) and myself, as we walk through life guided by faith. This is just a place for us to talk through, sort out, and share our journey of recognizing and responding to His voice. Learning to slow down and listen to…

His Little Nudges.

Jessi and Shauna


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